Advanced Motivation skills

and the secrets of Inspired Management

The secrets of effective motivation bypass most managers because they use the same style that they believe they need themselves.  This means that unless the people they work with are exactly the same as them, they are missing the mark every time.

Advanced Motivation Skills is a totally unique approach to managing your people by understanding what they need, diagnosing their motivational patterns and then using the most appropriate style of management for the level of proficiency they are at.

Understanding what your people need

We all have different needs in different situations and wise managers know how to understand their people.  The Advanced Motivation Skills programme is about using the tried and tested, as well as the latest thinking in applied psychology, to explore what people need to be motivated.

Diagnosing effectively

As any doctor will tell you, effective treatment is dependent on effective diagnosis.  Once you have watched this programme, you will walk away with a powerful formula to diagnose what level of proficiency they are at and what will motivate your people to perform.  This means their work gets done on time, to the required standard and in line with your business objectives.

Using the right style

It is often said that “People join companies but leave managers”.  With this programme you will get the opportunity to identify your people’s real development needs, so you can provide them with a management style that dovetails with their level of development and their motivational needs.  This means they stay firing on all four cylinders while developing new skills.

In this innovative programme you will learn:

  • How you and your behaviour may be the cause of people not performing at their best and what to do about it
  • How to avoid the 7 Performance Traps by recognising and pre-empting what is missing
  • How to use the Development Grid to identify which of the 4 development decisions you need to make
  • How to determine where your people are on the Proficiency Scale
  • The 4 key motivational drivers you need to identify, in order to effectively inspire your people to perform
  • How to use the Motivation Matrix to identify which of the 4 Inspired Management styles will drive performance to the next level
  • Plus, lots more.