FACT Based Appraisals

Learn the proven formula for driving productivity and profits in just 90 minutes

Are you getting 100% performance from your people?

If not, you can significantly improve profitability, raise accountability and ensure that you get and give robust feedback that drives performance by implementing FACT Based Appraisals.

Improving profitability

This programme isn’t just about HR good practice it’s about improving your bottom line by increasing productivity and reducing costs like wastage and overheads.  Effective appraisals = more profit!

Raising Accountability

People will only be accountable if they are clear about your expectations and the consequences of not performing to the required standard.  But this is only effective if there is a solid structure to ensure consistency.  The regular use of FACT Based Appraisals will ensure that your people focus on what they need to do to succeed.

Getting and giving Robust Feedback

There is a common trap that managers fall into.  They are often either too passive or too aggressive.  FACT Based Appraisals enable you to give robust feedback in an assertive and constructive way that drives performance.  Using this pragmatic approach also gets useful information from your people so you can understand what’s missing

In this innovative programme you will learn:

  • Why most appraisals fail to make a difference
  • The five foundations required to guarantee success
  • The secret of how to raise accountability
  • The four things you must cover for an appraisal to be effective
  • How to structure an appraisal for maximum impact
  • How to avoid the Red Herrings and Pitfalls that can trip you up
  • The importance of knowing the difference between Goals and Standards and how to set them.
  • plus, lots more!