We believe that we should keep our brain free to think creatively and to make decisions, not to clutter it with trying to remember lots of simple items.  In fact the latest research in neuroscience backs this up, it proves that if we have too much information in our minds at one time it becomes very easy to miss or neglect even the simplest things.  To read more about the power of Checklists you may want to check out my Blog – Avoiding Silly Mistakes in the Inspired Working Article Archive. We always recommend that our clients develop simple checklists to free up their precious thinking resources for the more important things like building productive working relationships and providing excellent customer service. This collection of simple generic checklists has been developed by working closely with clients in a wide variety of business types and industry sectors to see what actually works in practice. Feel free to download them and tweak them to meet your own needs. If you have a particularly good generic template that you would like to share with others in the Inspired Working community please send it to us at and we will anonymise it and credit you as the source.

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General HR

  • How to file your Human Resources information (*)
    • We are frequently asked for tips on the best way to file all the critical information that gets generated when we implement the CLEAR Framework with clients. Here are some suggestions.
  • HR Glossary of regularly used terms (*)
    • Human Resources are a Professional discipline and as such has a lot of jargon that comes with it. Here is a quick guide of regularly used terms.
  • HR Employee File Checklist
    • This Spreadsheet is a useful list of all the key documents and items you need to have on file in case you are audited.
  • Job Description Project Template(*)
    • Tracking which Job Descriptions are up to date and on file can be difficult. This Spreadsheet helps the business keep a record of all the key information in one place.
  • Interview Question Checklist
    • Having a list of key questions to ask is a critical basic skill of any interviewer. This is a list of some useful questions to use.
    • If you are recruiting a Sales Manager please contact us for a special list of questions and tips that will cut through their sales pitch to the core of their experience and skills.
  • Reference Question Checklist
    • Collecting references is the most frequently neglected part of the Recruitment process yet it is one of the most critical. Here are some key questions to ask previous employers.
  • Induction Checklist
    • Once you have recruited someone it is important to make sure that they are welcomed and that you are well organised. This checklist helps you to cover all aspects of someone starting with you. This can be used in conjunction with the Induction Plan Template in the templates section.
  • Management Development Checklist
    • This is a useful matrix that can be used to map out the key training / competency of your management team.
  • Management Training Needs Analysis (TNA) checklist
    • A lot of precious time, money and effort is wasted on training managers with stuff they already know and neglecting the key things they need to address. You can ask managers to complete this checklist and then review it with them to prioritise development activity and assess common themes.
  • Exit Interview Questions
    • When people leave, they are often more honest and willing to say what is not working well or how management may not be as effective as it should be. Here are a few prompt questions to encourage an open and honest conversation.


  • Communication Strategy Checklist (*)
    • This is a good list to review the what, where, when, how and who of key communications.
  • Meeting feedback for the Chair Checklist
  • Meeting Self Evaluation Checklist
    • Many people complain about ineffective and unproductive meetings. Here are 2 handy evaluation checklists that you can hand out at the end of a meeting to identify areas for improvement or to give the Chair some useful feedback. You may want to have a look at our article “Not another (!!!) meeting?” in the Inspired Working Article Archive.


  • The 7 Performance Traps Checklist(*)
    • There are reasons why people don’t do things – we call them the 7 Performance Traps.  Discover what is actually preventing your people from doing things and how you may unwittingly be the cause of it.
  • SIMPLE Delegation Checklist
    • Ensure you cover the 6 key principles of SIMPLE Delegation and achieve success every time you delegate.
  • The FACT Based Appraisals Summary Checklists
    • This is a booklet containing the entire key checklists discussed in the FACT Based Appraisals programme.
  • How to SET Standards (*)
  • How to set SMART Obj (*)
    • Poor performance, low morale and stress often stem from a lack of clarity and a lack of clear expectations. These 2 checklists are a resource that we are frequently asked for. They are not a ‘cure all’ but a simple set of questions that you can ask yourself to ensure that you are being clear about what is required, so you avoid ambiguity and encourage a discussion that will lead to success.
  • Planning Meeting Agenda Checklist
    • Here is a useful checklist for some suggested key agenda items to include on your Senior Management Monthly / Quarterly Planning meetings.
  • Evaluation of Training Activity Checklist (*)
    • A lot of precious time, money and effort is wasted on Training activity. This checklist can help you evaluate whether you are getting an appropriate return on investment and what you should be doing more of and less of.


  • How to choose a consultant Checklist (*)
    • Choosing a consultant can be tricky because there are an ever-increasing number of people out there who are calling themselves consultants or coaches and who have very different qualifications, backgrounds and experience. In order to avoid costly disappointments you need to know what you are looking for and that you are going to get value for money, get the results you expect and develop positive working relationships with everyone involved.
  • Office Move Checklist(*)
    • This was collated from a few clients who have had to project manage an office move. It is not a complete list but a good place to start.

If you have a particularly good generic template that you would like to share with others in the Inspired Working community please sent it to us at and we will anonymise it and credit you as the source.