How to Transform your Management Style with SIMPLE Delegation

Learn how to transform your management style and develop your people in just 60 minutes.

Improving your effectiveness

What would it be worth if you could have an extra half day or even a full day per week to focus on the most critical tasks that only you can complete? Imagine what you could accomplish and what that would be worth to your business.  This programme will show you step-by-step how to permanently clear your endless to-do list of tedious, routine and time-wasting tasks no matter how hard you’ve tried before.

Encouraging your people to succeed

What do you need to say to get your people enthusiastic about the things you want to delegate?  SIMPLE Delegation will give you the secrets of effective motivation techniques that get people going in the right direction.

Avoiding Problems

Many people don’t delegate because they fear the problems that may arise from someone else doing a task or project.  SIMPLE Delegation is designed to give you a set of principles that will ensure you avoid any unexpected problems, so you have the confidence to delegate even more.

In this innovative programme you will learn:

  • What you should be delegating and as equally important what you should never delegate.
  • The 5 critical questions you need to ask yourself before delegating and how to get the best use from the answers
  • The 4 levels of authority you need to consider, so you know which one to use
  • How to guarantee your people take effective ownership and accountability for the task
  • The little-known secret to motivating them and keeping them motivated
  • How to avoid unpleasant surprises and guarantee success
  • The most neglected part of the process that can rapidly transform your delegation skills
  • plus, lots more